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Getting ready to fire up that grill for Independence Day? We've got you covered over on our Grilling Page. Swing on by and you'll find a whole section on Grilling How-Tos, which will walk you through making the juiciest boneless chicken breasts, grilling perfect burgers, or cooking up the ultimate steak. In our Grilling Guides, you can study up on your basics with tips on everything from whether you should use briquettes or hardwood coal (answer: it depends!), how to set up and maintain a fire, and why you should really own a smoker if you're serious about barbecue (and aren't we all serious about barbecue?).

Want to cut straight to the chase and just hit the recipes? We can help you there, too. Our Grilling Recipe Roundups have comprehensive collections of recipes for all tastes. Want to cook chicken on the grill? We've got over 33 recipes for you. Hot dogs and sausages your thing? Try any one of our 26 tested, tasted, and Serious Eats-approved recipes, delicious results guaranteed.

Ok, enough blabber. Time to get grilling!

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