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Leftovers: Stray Links From Our Editors


Fried chicken forever-ever. [Photograph: Dennis Lee]

I'm not sure it's a good idea to eat fried chicken every week of your life, but Federal Donuts in Philly is giving that away to one lucky winner, and I'll be jealous of whoever has the golden ticket. —Maggie Hoffman, Drinks and Senior Editor

Chicago certainly loves its sausages, but that's tempered by the city's love of making it really, really hard and expensive to get a license to do so. That's why I'm looking forward to West Loop Salumi, which is Chicago's first USDA-certified salumeria. —Nick Kindelsperger, Chicago Editor

A really short piece in which Andrew Carmellini talks about pie. The thing that jumped out at me? When he mentioned some movie where cowboys "took the piece of pie and they put it in a bowl and they poured milk all over it." Um...am I the only one who thinks this is an amazing idea? —Carrie Vasios, Sweets Editor

So this isn't really "reading," but it's fun data visualization. Yelp made density maps of locations where reviews include words like "hipster," "frat," "yuppie," and the like in 13 cities. Some answers may surprise you, like a pocket of "PBR" on East 77th Street in New York or a node of hipsterdom in San Francisco's North Beach.

An excellent collision of food and 3-D design: Zim & Zou's intricate papercraft barbecue grill sculpture that comes with proteins, condiments and utensils. Look at that shrimp! —Jamie Feldmar, Managing Editor

I love reading the latest Best Of Seamless Special Instructions This Week. Mostly the weird messages, of course. Like "Please draw a crab on the bag."
—Robyn Lee, AHT Editor

At long last! An instructional video for making the thing I never even knew was possible: self-freezing soda slushies. Life complete. Thanks science! —Niki Achitoff-Gray, Associate Editor

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