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Try as I might, I will never tire of in-season asparagus. But I do try to switch things up to make sure things stay interesting in the kitchen. One of my favorite variations is to pair the green stalks with white miso, a trick I first learned from this David Chang recipe. While it might sound like an unexpected combination, the miso is salty, creamy, and packed with umami, which is a great pair for the crisp and sweet asparagus.

Whereas the Chang recipe mixes miso with butter, I created more of a glaze, adding in apple cider vinegar, honey, and gochujang, which is a spicy Korean red pepper paste. The mixture is thick, but also tart and hot.

The Chang recipe calls for an egg, too, but I chose to go with crispy broiled tofu. The tofu is cubed, tossed in some oil on a sheet pan, and then placed underneath the broiler. Once the tofu is warm and both sides are lightly browned, the miso mixture is brushed on and the tofu goes back under the flames.

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About the author: Nick Kindelsperger is the editor of Serious Eats: Chicago. He loves tacos and spicy food. You can follow him as @nickdk on Twitter.


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