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Cereal Eats: If You Could Bring Back One Discontinued Cereal...


At least Rice Krispies Treats still exist. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

We've chatted about this Urlesque.com's list of 54 Cereals We Loved and Lost before, noting that Rice Krispies Treats Cereal and a strange new Berry Kix do indeed still exist. It's an awesome list that I still look at from time to time, just for kicks. But I've been thinking: have we really talked enough about discontinued cereals? I know I've discussed my intense love and longing for Honey Crunch Cornflakes (WHYYYY) and Oreo O's, but I'm not sure if I ever asked you all which cereals you wish would come back. I vaguely remember mention of someone named Sir Grapefellow and something magical called Sprinkle Spangles. I've heard fables of Teddy Graham Cereal and can still almost taste the very bizarre Hidden Treasures.

What I would give to just take one trip down the retired cereal aisle, sampling new and exotic treats from every box (side note: this does not actually exist). Wouldn't you?

Leave your most dearly missed cereal in the comments!

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