Maggie: The 'New Wave' of California winemakers is getting a lot of attention, but many of those who are experimenting and pushing the boundaries rely on others for their fruit. This piece from John Trinidad of SF Wine Blog is a reminder that this exciting moment in California all depends on vineyard owners who are willing to take a risk on lesser-known grape varieties.

On Instagram, sonyayu takes gorgeous food shots (and the occasional dog-in-a-costume.) Warning: her frequent photos at San Francisco's Plow will make you crave brunch.

Carrie: Just weeks after I bought a bamboo steamer to make chawanmushi, had my fun, then relegated it to the far corners of my kitchen, Heidi Swanson reminds me what I should really be doing with it: steaming vegetables. Simple. Delicious. Near perfect for spring.

Niki: I'm keeping a close eye on all that in vitro meat being whipped up in the Netherlands. Can't wait to sink my teeth into a big, juicy, 100% guilt-free test tube burger!

In other news, a quick shout-out to Katie Shelly, a longtime friend and colleague who was just profiled on NPR's The Salt for her new cookbook, Picture Cook. It's a beautifully illustrated and inspiring collection of blueprint-style recipes, and I can't wait to add a copy to my shelf.

Max: A brief but poignant piece on New York food critic Robert Sietsema, the newest casualty of American newspapers laying off their essential food writers.

Robyn: Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal: This is over a week old already, which means it's ancient in Internet years, but I'm still loving RyanWMcHenry's Vine clips of Ryan Gosling not eating cereal. Yeah. That's what it is. It's. It's so good. Just. Yes. You can watch all the clips in this YouTube video.

Jamie: RIP E. Robert Kinney, the man who gave America the gift of fish sticks. The former General Mills CEO and founder of the iconic Gorton's Fish Sticks line has passed away at age 96.

Nick: I'm sucker for old school hot dog stands, especially ones that serve oddball creations found nowhere else. That partly explains why I found this 10 minute video from Grub Street Chicago's Mike Gebert about Johnny O's breaded steak and fried cheese sandwich so fascinating.


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