Leftovers: Stray Links From Our Editors


Mmm, salt. [Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Max: Team Rubicon, an organization instrumental in New York's post-Sandy recovery, is heading to Oklahoma to give aid. Cupcake-baking, grass-roots organizing hero Allison Robicelli is organizing a donations pool.

Nick: Remember the study published last week that questioned the health benefits of an ultra-low-sodium diet? The folks over at NPR celebrated with the "Saltwich," which includes "salami, bacon, pickles and salt-and-vinegar potato chips, on salty pretzel bread. Salt to taste."

Kenji: I'm reading this Daily News story about a Kentucky man who broke into a supermarket, made himself a whole pile of surf-and-turf, washed it down with some beer, finished it off with birthday cake, then soiled himself and fell asleep in the rafters. It's the kind of story that can't be made up, but you kinda wish it was.

Carrie: Artist Philip Haas has brought Giuseppe Arcimboldo's 16th century fruit-face portraits into 3-D by making them into 15 foot high fiberglass sculptures. I'm hoping to see them when they're on display at the New York Botanical Garden this summer but in the meantime, these photographs are still pretty cool.

Robyn: Nothing makes me want to visit Dubai more than I Live in A Frying Pan, especially her latest post rounding up multiethnic dishes (Iraqi, Chinese, Korean, Egyptian, and more) around Old Dubai.

Maggie: My goal for the summer is to eat ALL MEALS outside. (Or at least, all meals at home.) So I was pumped to click through this roundup of picnic-friendly salads from my friend Emma at The Kitchn. Fresh fennel and lemon slaw? Yes, please.

Jamie: As temperatures creep upwards, I'm gearing up for summer cocktail season, and it looks like The New York Times is, too. Their summer drinks feature has arrived, including a lovely ode to that most simple of warm-weather pleasures, the gin and tonic.

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