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[Photograph: Sydney Oland]

Chili waffles make the ideal crunchy base for one of the world's most indulgent breakfast treats. This open-faced sandwich is topped with crisp bacon, custardy cheese-filled scrambled eggs, and slices of lime-soaked avocado. The multi-part sandwich is well worth the effort, and makes quite an impression when you set the plates down in front of your guests.

Depending on your waffle iron you may end up with 2 large waffles that easily divide into quarters, in which case each person would get two wedges of waffle. If you have the rectangular variety, each person may only get one large piece of waffle. Use your judgment and your own experience with your waffle iron to get the best results.

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Chili Waffle Sandwiches with Cheesy Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, and Avocado ยป

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