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Chicken thighs are a great answer to the endless Wednesday night "What's for dinner?" question. They cook fairly quickly and easily, and their rich interplay of fat and skin make them far more enjoyable than the average boneless, skinless, breast. Still, there are only so many versions of salted and roasted thighs I want to eat.

For a totally different take on the staple, enter Louisa Shafia's Turmeric Chicken with Sumac and Lime from The New Persian Kitchen. This super-simple braised dish is bright, tangy, and brilliantly yellow—it's a far cry from most muddled braised chicken dishes and even further from the typical roasted bird.

Why I picked this recipe: Turmeric, lime, and sumac seemed a curious but potentially awesome combination of flavors for a simple weeknight chicken dish.

What worked: For a dish with so short an ingredient list, this chicken was full of bright, tangy flavor.

What didn't: No problems here.

Suggested tweaks: You could substitute other cuts of chicken here if you'd like, but you'll likely have to alter the cooking time. Stay away from boneless breasts, however, as they are not good candidates for braising. Shafia suggests using portobello mushroom caps or slabs of firm tofu as vegetarian substitues.

As always with our Cook the Book feature, we have five (5) copies of The New Persian Kitchen to give away this week.

About the author: Kate Williams is a freelance writer and personal chef living in Berkeley, CA. She is a contributor to The Oxford American, Berkeleyside NOSH, and blogs at cookingwolves.wordpress.com.


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