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Gluten-Free Tuesday: Rustic Rhubarb Pie with Sorghum Crust


[Photographs: Elizabeth Barbone]

Rhubarb and I got off to a rocky start. One day, as my mother began to make a strawberry rhubarb pie, I snuck a slice of rhubarb from her prep bowl. My ten-year-old self expected fruity sweetness, not the puckery sourness that greeted me. Until then, the only other culinary betrayal of this magnitude I'd experienced was the time I grabbed a piece of unsweetened chocolate from the cabinet. In both cases, I could not understand why in the world someone would bake with such awful-tasting ingredients.

Now, of course, I know better. And each spring I look forward to the arrival of rhubarb at the market.

This year, instead of a double crust pie, I made a rhubarb galette. My first few attempts had one serious problem: they leaked. A lot. Gluten-free crust is delicate and rhubarb lets go of a lot water as it bakes. Try as I might, I could not prevent my galette from leaving juice all over the baking pan. While the galette itself tasted fine, the juice that leaked out onto the pan burnt during baking.

How can you hold onto all that juicy filling? Bake the galette in a pie pan instead! Moving the galette to a pan transformed it into a rustic, open-faced pie, but that was fine with me. The juices from the filling no longer leaked out of the pie. Here are some tips to make this preparation even easier:

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