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Beyond Curry: Scrambled Eggs with Chili Oil


[Photograph: Prasanna Sankhe]

My love for eggs continues this week too with a dish that I take much pride in calling my own. Light, fluffy, subtly flavored scrambled eggs are taken to another taste-bud jolting level with the addition of fresh green chillis.

It's as simple as breakfast should be on a busy morning, but the trick (as is always the trick with scrambled eggs) is to cook the eggs until they have a bit of their runny-ness left and remove from the fire and cook in the heat that's still trapped in the pan.

Don't substitute it with dry chilies or paprika or anything other than wonderful serano chilies or, if you can find them, bird chilies. Works best for breakfast. Especially on mid-week mornings that are so close, yet so far from the weekend.

About the author: Denise D'silva Sankhe is a writer & creative director by profession. But that's only when she isn't eating her way across India. She recreates this delicious cuisine in her Mumbai home, which she shares with her husband, who has long since given up his determination to have salads for dinner.

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