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What? Muffuletta grilled cheese doesn't sound good to you? Who are you anyway? Certainly not the same somebody I used to know.

You're saying that capicola should never be served warm? (And yes, you heard right. I pronounced it gabbagool. Got a problem with that?). But why not, when it's oh so delicious that way? And huh? Hot soppressata? Fuggedaboudit! It's freaking delicious. That's why I put it in there. I'm surprised you even had to ask.

No, it's not inappropriate to call it an "olive salad," even if it's really a condiment, and even if it's in a sandwich, and even if it's served hot. It's olive salad. Olives, capers, pickles of all sorts, tons of olive oil. Olive salad. Got it?

And yeah, perhaps my choice of provolone cheese for this 'wich is a little high brow for you, and I'm with you. Nothing wrong with good old Kraft Singles. But a muffaletta's gotta do what a muffaletta's gotta do, and this muff's gotta do provolone. Fair enough?

I don't get it. Why wouldn't you want to add cold cuts and spicy olive salad to the middle of your grilled cheese sandwich?

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