3-Ingredient Matzo Sandwiches For Passover

[Photographs: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt]

Inspired by this fun 2-Ingredient Sandwiches piece from Saveur, we decided to pull a 7-Minute Abs and produce our own set of simple sandwiches, this time using three ingredients. Not strikingly original, elegant, or even poetic, but definitely delicious.

In celebration of Passover, all* of our sandwiches are kosher (at least to the degree that we can decipher the complicated kosher laws), and we've constructed all of 'em on matzo, which Erin points out is like constructing them on almost nothing at all. You get a bit of crunch, but really it's the flavor of the toppings that ends up dominating the experience. Matzo does have a tendency to soak up liquid and get soggy very fast, so for best results, eat the sandwiches within a few minutes of construction. Somehow we don't think that'll be a problem.

Check out all 11 matzo sandwiches in the slideshow.

* If you're not eating beans or mustard during Passover, just skip over the sandwiches that incorporate those ingredients.