Beyond Curry: Chicken Ghee Roast

Beyond Curry

Inspired Indian home cooking.


[Photograph: Prasanna Sankhe]

Ghee is one of those things that you cannot have enough of. It's made in most Indian homes with the cream that emerges from the top of a freshly boiled pot of milk. The cream is traditionally skimmed off the surface of a cooled pot of milk then stored, until there's enough collected to make a batch that will last a few weeks. But ghee can also be procured more easily in markets, and added to many delicious creations. Like this Manglorean Chicken Ghee Roast.

'Roast' is a word used quite loosely in the south of India. It means more braising than actually sticking the meat into an oven. There are a host of 'roast' dishes using prawns, lamb, and pork and each one deserves complete attention.

While most Indian recipes start with the frying of spices in the fat before adding the meat, this dish braises the chicken first and adds the spices into the same pot to cook slowly and coat each tender morsel.

About the author: Denise Dsilva Sankhe is a writer & advertising creative director by profession. But that's only when she isn't eating her way across India. She recreates this delicious cuisine in her Mumbai home, which she shares with her husband, who has long since given up his determination to have salads for dinner.

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