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10 Cheap Vietnamese Snacks in Little Saigon, San Francisco

[Photographs: Colin Price and Alissa Merksamer]

If you dodge the druggies and hobos living in the pocket of the Tenderloin called "Little Saigon," you'll discover some standout Vietnamese food. Officially, "Little Saigon" refers to the strip of Larkin between Eddy and O'Farrell where the majority of Vietnamese restaurants and businesses congregate. In reality, the area extends up to Geary and over to Jones.

For this list, we conveniently omitted restaurants located on the more terrifying blocks of Hyde and Jones, not for lack of trying but because they consistently disappointed with wilted herbs, tough meat, and questionable cleanliness. With so much competition within a four-block radius, it was easy to cull the excellent from the mediocre and even easier to stay under $10 a dish.

Check out the slideshow for pho, banh xeo, sugarcane juice, and a whole lot more.

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About the author:Alissa Merksamer is a San Francisco contributor covering the city's many neighborhoods. You can follow her @glamsnack and check out her blog Glamorous Snacker.

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