Camden, ME: Incredible Thai Food at Long Grain

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[Photographs: Liz Bomze]

Finding a Thai restaurant that serves rice noodles is about as hard as finding a Thai restaurant—period. But finding a Thai restaurant that makes its own fresh rice noodles is another matter. And finding that restaurant on the mid-coast of Maine? Let's just say I planned my entire weekend around eating there.

Long Grain had been on my radar since it opened in 2010, when raves from the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and several Maine-based publications came quickly. This was Pok Pok-caliber street food drawn from various regions of Thailand, plus scattered offerings from around Asia. If that sounds like fusion cooking, rest assured that it's the best kind. Even better, husband-and-wife owners Ravin Nakjaroen and Paula Palakawong have given Long Grain a sense of place in Maine by revising classic preparations with seafood and produce native to the New England coastline.

The accompanying slideshow represents about a third of the menu. Obviously, I'm already planning my next trip north to scope out the rest.

Long Grain

31 Elm Street, Camden, Maine 04843 (map)
207-236-9001; Long Grain on Facebook

About the author: Liz Bomze lives in Brookline, MA, and works as the Senior Features Editor for Cook's Illustrated Magazine. In her free time, she freelances regularly for the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, the Improper Bostonian, and Martha's Vineyard Magazine; practices bread-baking and canning; takes photos; reads; and watches baseball. Top 5 foods: fresh noodles, gravlax, sour cherry pie, burrata, ma po tofu.