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A simple and hearty recipe for cold winter nights, this easy pasta is perfect for winter meals or making ahead on a Sunday to eat throughout the week. Rosemary always reminds of winter and earthy comfort meals and this recipe is no exception.

Cooking thick chicken breasts can be tricky because it can be hard to know when they are finished cooking and it's easy to overcook them. Slicing them in half lengthwise or pounding them thinner are good solutions to this problem, but poaching them on top of tomato sauce is another easy way to avoid a dry piece of meat. Plus, the meat finishes cooking with all of the delicious flavors already in the pot, so you have an added flavor booster right there.

To make this pasta even healthier, I'd recommend throwing in a handful or two of spinach during the last few minutes of cooking or adding in ribbons of chard or kale when you add the chickpeas. Having a little green on the plate always makes me feel like I'm eating better.

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