Photographs: Marvin Gapultos

Salty, spicy, and fried are great attributes for most any bar snack. But sometimes, a bite of something light and fresh can pique one's thirst just as easily.

A simple preparation of jicama, sliced into finger-sized planks, can make for a quick and light bar snack. After being tossed in a mixture of lime juice, red pepper flakes, and chopped cilantro, the jicama sticks can then be seasoned with sea salt and pepper, and then dusted with some chili powder. Salty and sour, with a little bit of heat, these jicama sticks are a crisp and refreshing alternative for heavier drink-time appetizers. They also go especially well with a cold Mexican-style beer or margarita.

About the author: Marvin Gapultos is the author of the Filipino food blog, Burnt Lumpia. His first cookbook is due out in 2013. You can follow him on Twitter @BurntLumpia.


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