Skillet Suppers: Pan-Seared Fish with Shiitake Mushrooms


[Photograph: Yasmin Fahr]

While mushrooms tend to be on the expensive side, they're definitely worth the indulgence. Overall, it's possible to keep the cost of this recipe relatively low since your two main expenses are the fish and the mushrooms, with only a few other ingredients.

This dish is super simple to make but is packed with flavor from the mushrooms and the liquid they release, which is turned into a sauce with the addition of stock, lemon juice, and some butter to emulsify it. If you're feeling adventurous, try experimenting with a variety of mushrooms or adding greens like bok choy or kale.

This recipe is only made for two because of the limits of one skillet, but you can easily make it for four by working in batches or using two skillets. Some crusty bread on the side wouldn't hurt either to soak up the lovely sauce that's left on the plate.

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Pan-Seared Fish with Shiitake Mushrooms ยป

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