[Photographs: Joshua Bousel]

After experiencing chocolate gravy for the first time while in Alabama, I've exalted its greatness to all who will listen. It's probably the words "chocolate" and "gravy" combined, but my New York friends oddly seem to react to this with more confusion and disgust than smiles.

So, I'm on a mission to change the tides and make this something everyone knows and rightfully loves.

This "gravy" is really more akin to a warm, slightly thin chocolate pudding. To get that super fine, thick texture, the gravy doesn't start off with a roux—instead, it gets whisked together with sugar, cocoa, flour, and milk that's simmered until thickened. Then right at the end, a few pats of butter and vanilla are added for extra richness.

The resulting sauce is a decadently sweet and creamy gravy. It reminded me of those youthful years when everything on the morning table had to be sugar loaded.

About the author: Joshua Bousel brings you new, tasty condiment each Wednesday and a recipe for weekend grilling every Friday. He also writes about grilling and barbecue on his blog The Meatwave whenever he can be pulled away from his grill.


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