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Video: Super Bowl Chicken Wing Shortage?

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Super Bowl is this Sunday, which means wings and wings and wings. But there's been a rumor going around that rising corn prices might mean a wing shortage [insert cries of despair here].

Corn makes up two-thirds of chicken feed. Sky-rocketing feed prices means sky-rocketing wing prices, which means a possible shortage 12.3 million wings next Sunday.

Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? But it might not actually be, when put in context of the National Chicken Council's agenda; rising corn prices are a result of more corn being used for ethanol production rather than chicken feed, which is the opposite of what the NCC wants.

So will there really be a wing shortage this Super Bowl? Or is Big Chicken just trying to pit viewers against ethanol? Watch this video (starring former SE intern Katie Quinn!) and tell us what you think.

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