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Skillet Suppers: Chicken and Rice with Broccoli


[Photographs: Yasmin Fahr]

Chicken and rice is a common combination that's seen in a variety of cuisines, each with its own twist. For this easy one-pot meal, feel free to customize it to your own tastes. Use other chicken parts such as thighs or a whole chicken broken down. For spices, you can leave out the cayenne and cumin and opt for a turmeric and oregano mix instead or even cinnamon to give this dish a touch of sweetness that's especially nice in the winter time.

The lemon is an essential ingredient, though, as it rounds out the dish (I also happen to love lemony chicken and rice). As for leftovers, since this column is generally made to serve four, I tend to have a fair amount of leftovers unless I can rope friends over for lunch or dinner.

For this dish, I found myself with leftover rice and no chicken, so I quickly fried the rice and topped it with an egg and a heavy dosing of sambal. Sriracha would also work wonderfully. Both are fantastic.

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