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January has been filled with new cereal offerings and I couldn't be happier. Today, we've got another winner. I dare say that if Fiber One's new Chocolate Squares had been around when I was growing up, things would have been mightily different.

When I first encountered this box, proudly boasting only 80 calories, I was turned off. It reminded me eerily of 100 Calorie packs, of which I am not a fan. The problem is this: either they've altered the snack to make it lower in calories, most likely adding a sweetener with a horrible aftertaste or creating some sort of new cardboard-y texture in said snack. OR they (yes, the mysterious they) leave the snack unharmed but only give you like 2 1/2 cookies or crackers or whatever. So, don't get me wrong, I understand the concept behind eating smaller quantities of high calorie snacks, but let's be honest: I end up crushing four packs in a hungry rage, and then know exactly how many calories I just crammed down my gullet. I'd rather mindlessly eat handfuls of chips and walk away clueless, pretending it didn't happen.

Anyway, when it comes to low cal cereals, I'll stick to Special K and its mild yet tasty compatriots. If I'm going to go chocolate or fruity or cinnamon, give me the sugar. Give me the sweet, sugar-crunching-in-my-teeth goodness of Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Reese's Puffs. All this to say, I was wary of Chocolate Squares.

My first impression after a dry handful was good. The cereal is decently chocolate-y, and does not have that strong, unpleasantly fruity taste many low-cal or healthy chocolate cereals have, which is a huge plus. There is still a slight aftertaste of something a little too sweet, and yet cardboard-like at the same time. Good, not great.

It all changed when I poured a bowl with milk. If you close your eyes its like you are eating Cocoa Puffs. And I freaking love Cocoa Puffs. I'm fairly certain this cereal would have made it past the iron gates of my mother's cereal cabinet, because of its Fiber One pedigree, and yet hiding inside the box is a wonderful cereal that fills the bowl with chocolate-y milk for all! I'm saving this cereal for those times I need a little something sweet in the afternoon or evening. And by those times I mean every single day.

Anyone else tried this one? Thoughts?


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