[Photographs: Joshua Bousel]

Sauce, gravy—call it what you will, it can take a cut of meat from delicious to oh, my god! with just a few minutes more in the kitchen. You're spending hours on that perfect roast, so why not accompany it with something worthy? Here are some enticing sauce recipes to pair with your holiday roast, be it lamb, beef, or ham.


Although wonderful enough alone, lamb is ripe for sauces, which tend to balance its sometimes heavy flavors. Mint is the classic pairing. Adding other cooling elements to a lamb sauce—like creamy yogurt or mild grated cucumber—enhances the freshness of mint and cuts through lamb's slightly game-y flavor.


Big, bold beef is happy next to sauces with a bit of a tang or creaminess. The grassy, robust notes that herbs provide also work wonders in brightening up what could otherwise be a heavy dish.


There's a good reason that pork and fruit have had a longstanding love affair with each other. The sweet juiciness and touches of tartness that fruit brings to the pairing balance the fatty richness of pork so well. Round out the sauce with a splash of alcohol or caramelized shallots and you'll have a dish that you can't wait to make again.

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