Slideshow SLIDESHOW: 25 Great Sandwiches We Ate in 2012

At Serious Eats, we fancy ourselves sandwich experts, thanks in large part to the thousands of sandwiches we eat every year. (Yes, thousands.) Looking back on twelve months of sandwiches, there are plenty we barely remember—but some that stick in our memories for a long, long time. Here are 25 sandwiches we loved this year, from Miami to Chicago; Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine.

The List

  1. Lobster Rolls at Eventide Oyster Co.
  2. Sheep's Head Sandwich in Istanbul
  3. The Lomo at Marcona in Los Angeles
  4. The Chopped Coffee Cured Beef Brisket at Smoke in Dallas
  5. The Roast Pork And Triple Cheese Panino from Craigie On Main, Cambridge
  6. Pan con Lechon at El Palacio de los Jugos, Miami
  7. The Lamb Dip with Blue Cheese at Philippe the Original in Los Angeles
  8. 4 Meat Grinder from Stachowski Market & Deli in Georgetown
  9. Trout Salad at The Sentinel, San Francisco
  10. The Roma at The Italian Store in Arlington, VA
  11. Spam Sliders from Marination Mobile in Seattle, WA
  12. Open Face Beef Cheek Sandwich at Perla in NYC
  13. The Fried Chicken Luther at ChurchKey in Washington, D.C.
  14. Corned Beef at City Provisions, Chicago
  15. Shrimp Po' Boy at Domilise's in New Orleans
  16. Pimento Cheese from Hominy Grill in Charleston, SC
  17. Giardina at Paesano's in Philadelphia, PA
  18. Reuben at Paramount Room, Chicago
  19. Meatloaf Sandwich at Fatted Calf in San Francisco
  20. Smoked Meat from Schwartz's in Montreal
  21. Spicy Blue at Shelsky's in Brooklyn
  22. Fried Chicken at Sunshine Tavern in Portland, OR
  23. Grilled Fish at Bear Flag Fish in Newport Beach, CA
  24. Sabih Croissant at Zizi Limona in Brooklyn
  25. The Sandwiches at Publican Quality Meats, Chicago

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