Snapshots from the Gulf of Mexico: How Shrimp Goes from Tide to Table

In a time when local food is pushed so hard, 90% of the seafood eaten in the United States is imported. Of the other 10%, about three quarters of it comes from the Gulf of Mexico, and that's where the shrimp in this tide-to-table story comes from.

Shrimp for Sale

From the shrimping boats which scour the Gulf of Mexico nightly to the bayou-front processing, straight on through to digging into a pile of boiled shrimp, flip through the slideshow to see how the shrimp go from the seabed to a bed of cheesy grits.

About the author: Naomi Bishop is a Seattle based food writer and marketer. Find more of her musings on her food blog, TheGastroGnome, where she claims that being a GastroGnome is not about sitting idly on the front lawn of culinary cottages. You can also follow her explorations of cooking and culture around the world at @GastroGnome.

Note: Naomi's trip was arranged by the Gulf Seafood Association.