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Hey folks, how was your Thanksgiving?

To be totally honest, ours was a smashing success. Despite some ominous dark clouds on the family politics horizon that threatened to rain on our parade the day before, the brussels sprouts got fried, Grandpa stayed awake, wine was drunk, and turkeys were butterflied to great effect.

It was the days after that have been rough. The sore throat settled in the morning of Thanksgiving and had made itself more comfortable by dinner time. Some hot cauliflower soup and much soulfully tuneless crooning (a Thanksgiving tradition in my family) kept it at bay for the night, but it came back with a vengeance the next day. It took strict regimens of high-octane cold-healing leftover roast turkey soup and high-octane sinus-clearing mapo dofu and cumin lamb ribs from Mission Chinese Food to even get me through the next couple days.

And why do I tell you this now? Well, it's sort of a "dog ate my homework" way of saying that after all those Thanksgiving shenanigans, I simply didn't have it in me to produce one more tried and tested Food Lab recipe this week. Instead, I've decided to extend Thanksgiving just a few days longer and celebrate what I've official dubbed "The Year of the Spatchcock," since so many of you seem to have taken the recommendation to heart. So check out the slideshow above to see all of YOUR turkeys, tweeted out to the world and collected here.

Want to Try Spatchcocking a Turkey or Chicken?

If all this testimony convinces you to give the spatchcocked turkey (or chicken!) recipe a try, here are the step-by-step instructions!

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