We Made a Thanksgiving Cherpumple, It Was Crazy


Remember earlier this year when we showed you our Thanksgiving Cherpumple? It was a little early to be thinking about Thanksgiving back then so we won't be offended if you paid no attention to it. Now might be a better time to show you this triple-layer-pie-embedded-in-a-cake monstrosity.

The Inspiration

A cake made of pies

What's a Cherpumple, you ask? It's something like the turduckens of desserts. First there was an original Cherpumple (yes there was a forefather Cherpumple who spawned derivative Cherpumples); it was comprised of three layers of pie—cherry, pumpkin, apple, hence the portmonteau name "cher-pump-le." Each of these pie layers was baked into a cake, and they were all stacked on top of each other. How do you... what the.. where is... Yes, all valid questions. See above for a visual.

But we took this concept to the next level. Why? Because we're crazy like that. And because the ladies of Food52 challenged us to a Cherpumple-Off, so we couldn't say no.


Sixteen hours of construction later, this is what Kenji came up with. Meet Sir Plumple, our Thanksgiving-inspired Cherpumple.

The Layers of Sir Plumple


  • Top layer: Chicken pot pie baked into turkey-duck meatloaf (a turducken riff).
  • Middle layer: Green bean casserole pie baked into sage-sausage stuffing.
  • Bottom layer: Sweet potato pie baked into jalapeno cornbread.
  • Exterior: Mashed potato frosting, fried garlic sprinkles and a cranberry sauce and chives garnish forming the shape of the Serious Eats logo on top.

Note: all of the pies within were double-crusted.

The Careful Stacking of Sir Plumple

Thanksgiving cherpumple

Stacking success

Mashed Potato Piping

Final piping

The Audience Ooohs and Aaaahs

Cherpumple audience

So You Want to Make a Thanksgiving Cherpumple?

We don't really recommend trying this at home. But in case you really-really-really want to, here are some recipes for possible pie and cake layers, depending on if you want to go sweet or savory.

Possible Pie Layers

Possible "Cake" Layers


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