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There are plenty of breakfast and brunch recipes in the True Blood cookbook—perhaps from all of the late nights spent running from evil vampires, witches, and the occasional possessed doll. Ruby Jean's Hash stands out as a simple yet soul-satisfying take on a morning-after meal. Andouille sausage peppers this hash of potatoes, onions, and green peppers, and the whole mess is adorned with a voluptuous poached egg. Lafayette says the hash is most popular with "rednecks down at Merlotte's," but I don't think you need to drive a raised pick-up to scarf down this dish.

Why I picked this recipe: Spicy sausage, poached eggs, and crisp potatoes are just what I want to eat the morning after an epic Halloween party.

What worked: The andouille was a great addition to what is a fairly standard line-up of hash ingredients. Using leftover potatoes makes the dish super fast and easy, too.

What didn't: I found myself adding more oil and turning up the heat on the hash as it cooked to up the browning factor (5 to 6 minutes on medium just didn't do it for me).

Suggested tweaks: Hash is kind of a kitchen sink dish, so feel free to throw in bits and pieces of things floating in the fridge. If you've got any leftovers, the hash is particularly tasty re-fried with scrambled eggs and served in tortillas with a bit of salsa. Hash-tacos anyone?

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