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Grilling: Sweet Potato and Corn Salad


[Photographs: Joshua Bousel]

Of all the Thanksgiving staples, I've never been able to get behind candied sweet potatoes. These orange tubers are one my favorite fall vegetables for their warming sweet flavor, and I can't understand why you'd want mask that sweetness with more sugar, and then top it off with marshmallows? In contrast, if I were doing a sweet potato dish, it'd be something more in line with this sweet potato and corn salad.

I admit the Southwestern influence of poblano peppers and the lime dressing paired with grilled sweet potatoes and roasted corn may not jive with all holiday meals, but it's a combination that works quite well. The earthy, natural sweetness of the potatoes dominates the salad, while the corn imparts another layer of sweetness with each bursting kernel. The poblano lends a mild fruity heat, and the lime and green onion dressing adds a contrasting acidity and freshness.

Yup, this is what I call a good use of sweet potatoes, which are now slowly, but surely, starting their annual progression to becoming the centerpiece of my fall and winter diet.

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