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Grilling: Peppered Duck Breasts with Cherry-Port Sauce


[Photographs: Joshua Bousel]

Armed with a cherry-port sauce, there was no doubt I wanted to pair it with grilled duck breasts. Ever since last year, when I grilled duck with its crisp skin and thin layers of fat, I've been waiting to make more.

It's no easy feat though. Constantly rendering fat that's hitting the coals means an endless stream of flare-ups. Moving the breasts from harm's way to avoid burning requires a strict vigilance. Grilling one or two breasts was no problem, but upping to four this time around was a bit of a headache.

I may have let a piece of skin scorch here and there, but with the duck's thick peppery coating and that sweet, tart cherry-port sauce spooned on top, I didn't even notice in the end. The stress of cooking the breasts all faded when the juicy meat of the duck mixed with the robust and fruity sauce, combining into a rich and warm combo that's a fitting dish for the start of winter.

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