Grilling: Grilled Lemonade


Fire up your grill and get ready for some serious smoke.


[Photographs: Joshua Bousel]

Grilled lemonade. Yeah, that's a thing.

Ok, so it's probably more of a summer thing, but after experiencing the wonders of this odd invention as a student at Kingsford U last month, I knew I could not wait a whole three seasons to make it at home.

When I presented it to my friends, the first question was, "What makes it grilled?" Well, each lemon half in this recipe was first dipped in sugar, then grilled until nicely browned before being squeezed.

Second question was, "Why is it brown?" That's a two part answer. First, the browned lemons gave a slightly brown juice. Second, the rosemary-spiked simple syrup had honey along with the sugar that added another dimension of sweetness and color to the final lemonade.

Satisfied and curious, my guests all seemed to enjoy this more complex take on lemonade that fit in exceedingly well with the smoked pork and brisket I served alongside it. There was also an unanimous feeling that when a splash of whiskey or bourbon was added into the mix, it was all the better.

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