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There's a reason why Alton Brown's brined roast turkey recipe from Good Eats is the number one recipe on the Food Network's website.

In our latest episode of the Chewing the Fat video series, TV personality and food science whiz Alton Brown (Good Eats, Iron Chef America) sits down with Chief Creative Officer and Food Lab columnist J. Kenji López-Alt to talk turkey, and explain the methodology behind his recipe writing.

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[Videography: Jessica Leibowitz; Doodles: Robyn Lee]

Get Alton Brown's Turkey Recipe!

Here it is >>

Stay tuned for more Alton Brown videos in the coming weeks!

Are you going to be brining your bird this year? Cooking it as-is? Or maybe giving dry-brining a go?

About the videographer: Jessica Leibowitz is in charge of all things video at Serious Eats. Follow more of her adventures at mycameraeatsfood.com, or on Twitter at @photo_delicious.


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