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5-Course Beer and Bacon Dinner at L'École Culinaire in Tennessee

L'École Culinaire is a part of the Vatterott College family of career training institutes that opened in St. Louis in 2004. In 2008 a sister campus was opened in the Memphis suburb of Cordova, Tennessee. I drove by it every day for years and finally found the perfect reason to visit: a beer and bacon themed dinner presented in the student-run restaurant.


The dinner was a collaboration between the school's chef Charlie Donelson and Steve Barzizza of Southwestern Beverage Distributing. Barzizza is a beer enthusiast and a big part of the evening involved his explanations about the different styles of beer and how they should be served and enjoyed. Together with chef Donelson, they came up with a great menu that was prepared and served by the students.


The student-run restaurant is currently open for lunch but will soon be open to the public for dinner with an eclectic menu and even prix-fixe options.

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