After a several year hiatus, Kashi and I are starting to spend more time together. It's too early to make anything official, but let's just say we're "hanging out".

Earlier this summer, Kashi introduced two new cereals, Simply Maize and Indigo Morning. How do these new offerings stack up?

Simply Maize

Yes, these are flake-like. And yes they are made of corn. But they couldn't be further from cornflakes. Each piece is puffy yet slightly flattened, fantastically crispy and crackly. The crackle is key. Simply Maize is closer to popcorn or Cracker Jacks than any cereal I've met. And I like it.

The cereal is lightly sweet with a nice hearty corn flavor. It holds its own in milk due to the crackly outer glaze. The sweetness is subtle, slightly malty due to the molasses and just darn good. The texture is really what sets it apart. In truth, it makes me question the texture of all other cereals out there. Soggy cereal haters, give this a try!

Indigo Morning

"Sounds like the name of a Sting song" Ben

Indeed, the mysterious and yet soothing name of this cereal intrigued me. The indigo in your morning comes from the use of "dark berries", namely blueberries and blackberries. I feel an indigo morning should involve watching the sunrise on the deck of my modern home in Colorado drinking homemade chai while my long-haired male companion plays a tribal flute. Or cramming a couple of dry handfuls of Kashi into my mouth hunched over my IKEA desk in NYC. Uh, either one.

Well, this cereal has all the goodness of Simply Maize PLUS some very tasty dehydrated berries. I wouldn't say the cereal is rife with the indigo goodness, but there are certainly a decent amount of berries, more than the average fruit cereal. The berries are pleasant: chewy, sweet and tart all at once. I dare say Indigo Morning is an excellent cereal.

Nicely done Kashi! Has anyone else tried these? Thoughts?


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