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I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who is sick of arriving at SEHQ in New York City breathing heavily and soaked in sweat. Say, it's September, how about we lay off the heat and humidity? No? Nothing?

What I'm trying to say is that I'm desperately craving fall. I want the crisp breezes, the pants and jackets; I want colored leaves and apple cider donuts. I'm ready for weather that doesn't scream, "Hey, shouldn't you be at an outdoor happy hour?" but rather gently whispers "It's alright, curl up with that pumpkin bread and read in the comfort of your own home". It seems that everyone around me is either pushing to get to fall or trying to hold onto summer. Don't get me wrong, I love Summer, but I am oh so ready for fall.

I stood in the cereal aisle and noticed that it, too, seemed to be having its own battle between the seasons, as boxes of Kashi's Cinnamon Harvest and Honey Sunshine sat side by side. The bright cheery rays from the Honey Sunshine called to me, "Surely there's one more beach day" while the Cinnamon Harvest promised, "It's almost time for apple picking". I grabbed both boxes and explored this seasonal crisis with a bowl of milk and a spoon.

Kashi's ever growing cereal portfolio stands somewhere around 20 different kinds. I am still slow to return to many of the cereals after being inundated with Kashi during my childhood, but my adventures with Go Lean made me hopeful.

Honey Sunshine


The cheery name and the look of the box makes me want to give this cereal a big hug. Judging from the picture, these guys resemble the unique Cap'n Crunch, though that's where the similarities end. Honey Sunshine's texture is nothing like the crispy, sugary Cap'n, but rather provides hearty crunch. The flavor has a hint of "health food" (you know what I mean) but thankfully not too much "honey".

You see, usually when a mainstream cereal says honey, it means sugar, which is fine by me. But when a healthier brand of cereal says honey, there is often a strange cloying flavor. I just don't know if it's possible to have the real flavor of honey come through in dry cereal. Nevertheless, Honey Sunshine tastes the way it looks: slightly sweet and very pleasant. I'm not exactly clamoring for more but definitely a fine cereal.

Cinnamon Harvest


I love any type of shredded wheat but I have high standards for cinnamon. I'll just cut to the chase and say that this one is spot-on. Gentle cinnamon flavor, spicy and sweet just shy of being overwhelming. There are other pleasant spice and even phantom apple flavors coming through, all without being strange or fake tasting.

There is restraint shown in this flavor, which is more than I can say for many of the Kellogg's varieties. The goodness of Cinnamon Harvest is enhanced by milk for one of the finer shredded wheat cereals I've ever had. Bring on the sweaters and apple cider and a big bowl of Cinnamon Harvest - I've found my new favorite cereal to usher in the fall.

Yes, I do understand that fall means winter is around the corner, at which time I'll be hunting around for a box of Island Vanilla. OK, I'll stop now.

Are you trying to hang onto summer or excited for fall? Any Honey Sunshine or Cinnamon Harvest lovers out there?


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