Sauced: Israeli Salad


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[Photographs: Joshua Bousel]

Salad as a condiment? In the case of Israeli salad, I'm not having my shawarma or falafel without it!

I spent a semester of my college career in Tel Aviv and developed a strong taste for Israeli salad, which more correctly traces its roots to a Palestinian origin. While the combo is a simple mix of diced fresh vegetables, lemon, juice, and oil, I can never quite recreate the salads of memory—most of the produce here just doesn't have the same quality I enjoyed in Israel.

Still, it's become a must on my Friday night table, where it's enjoyed as a salad next to a large crispy chicken schnitzel. The leftovers then find their way into sandwiches and topped onto warm pita, making it the condiment of choice as long as it lasts, which usually isn't long.

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