Look Who's Talkin': Comments, Quips, and Tips We Have Known and Loved

There's so much going on in Talk and the comments week to week that we almost can't keep up. If you're in the same boat, here's a small selection of topics and responses that have piqued our interest this week.

Talk: Julia Child: 'You can't use duck fat for anything'

Look Who's Talkin'

"OMG! Julia must have been having a moment of sheer insanity ~ "throw away duck fat." She probably had a little too much wine..."duncan1205

Serious Entertaining: How To Throw a Pizza Party

"If the first beer kicks in after the last guest arrives, you're doing it wrong! :)" Mike N.

The Pizza Lab: The Baking Steel Delivers

"I'll be sure to let you all know if I die. I guess if my My Pie Monday contributions stop, you'll know. But for now, I'm young(ish) and very poor :-)" atmast on using a homemade version.

[ Editor's note: We will hold a Serious Entertaining pizza party in your honor if this occurs.]

Talk: Does Eating Hamburgers Affect Your Monkey Insurance?

"Kenji, I am pleased to see that you have correctly identified chest-pounds as a unit of time. Most people consider that to be a unit of mass."gb944

"And remember, as with cows.....never stand behind a sneezing monkey."CJ McD

[Video: Return of the Pink Panther - Blind man and Monkey. Source: YouTube (Thanks for the rec, CJ McD)]

What's The Upper Limit on Free Refills?

"It would make a great article if you sat at the table and kept ordering refills until they asked you to leave."redfish

"To quote Kenny Shopsin: you "could get three refills and take the glass home with [you], and I would still make a profit""John F.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Cooking on the Quick

"I try to keep cooked rice (converted rice, I confess) and/or cooked pasta in the fridge, so making a stir fry or a pasta salad or quick pasta meal with a quick sauce is just a matter of 10 or 15 minutes. Assume salt and black pepper to taste. "lemonfair