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Which Chain Makes the Best Veggie Burrito?

[Photographs: Farley Elliott]

And just like that, we're out of meat! It's been weeks since we began chronicling the national taco chains, breaking down their options one by one. First fish, then ground beef, steak, carnitas and chicken. But there is still one thing left to discuss: the vegetarian burrito.

In recent years, fast food outposts and fast casual chains have played to an emerging vegetarian demographic, often with success. But what do you really get when you order a vegetarian burrito?

First, let's look past the bean & cheese. Obama may not have mentioned this in his DNC speech, but as a nation it is imperative that we move past the bean & cheese as the only available option for vegetarians at our taco chains. The B&C has its place, of course, but real people looking for (at least an approximation of) real food deserve more than sloppy pinto beans and greasy cheese. All of the burritos in this tasting offer either a comprehensive vegetarian option or a fresh take on the bean & cheese burritos of old.

In trying veggie burritos from seven different chains, here's what we know works, and absolutely what doesn't.

The Criteria

The Chains We Tried


Taco Bell Seven-Layer Burrito
Rubio's Portobello & Poblano Tacos*
Baja Fresh
Wahoo's Mushroom Tacos*

*True, not a burrito, but much better than the burrito option in this case.

Wouldn't Kick This Taco Out of Bed

Taco Bell Black Bean Burrito

Not Recommended

Del Taco Veggie Works Burrito
Taco Bell Cantina Burrito
Taco Bell Bean Fresco Bean Burrito
Rubio's Grilled Veggie Burrito
Wahoo's Banzai Veggies Burrito

About the author: Farley Elliott is a writer and comedian living in Los Angeles. He blogs about burgers at Beef and Bun and covers the LA comedy scene for LAist.com.

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