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[Photograph: Sydney Oland]

Inspired by spending a few too many nights in Munich's beer halls, this brunch casserole is perfect for those of us who like to plan ahead for the morning after a long night at the bar. It's a hearty strata inspired by dish commonly found in beer halls throughout Germany called kaese spaetzle. Traditionally, kaese spaetzle is a dish of delicate spaetzle (small dumplings) tossed with onions and emmantaler cheese, and baked until bubbling. This strata removes the spaetzle and replaces it with baguette, and adds a few bits of bacon.

If you have truly outdone yourself at the bar, you may consider reaching for a cold glass of beer to go along with this substantial casserole. A glass of beer, a heap of cheese- and bacon-studded casserole, and a big green salad later, you'll feel ready once again to tackle the world in no time flat.

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Onion, Bacon and Swiss Cheese Strata ยป

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