Croissants, adapted from From Julia's Kitchen [Photograph: dbcurrie]

Our last challenge for Weekend Cook and Tell was for all of you to share dishes inspired by Julia Child and cultivated by you. We called this Remembering Julia. We hold a soft spot in our hearts for Julia, and it looks like you do too. We can all feel a little happier, a little less clumsy, and eat a lot more butter thanks to Julia. Here are our favorite dishes, submitted by you, to honor JC.

dbcurrie started us off on the right foot with butter. Erm, we mean croissants. In her words, "What's more French than that?" (perhaps a croissant wearing a beret?)

It all comes down to temperature for MMinNYC. "If it's not too hot I'll make the first Julia recipe I ever tried, oh so very long ago when I was barely into my teens and saw the recipe on The French Chef - Coq Au Vin. If it's not too hot outside, I'll also bake Julia's Madeleines." Can we come over, MMinNYC?

yayfood literally went the butter route with a compound butter out of basil and buffalo butter. We love your creativity. yayfood says, "Yay, Julia." We say, "yayfood!" It's all in a name.

claireOOTO found her inner Julia and developed a bright green asparagus and spinach quiche from Julia's spinach quiche.

Big ambitions are sometimes challenged by real life (and time constraints). mangotomato aimed high as part of the #JC100 to celebrate Julia's 100th and came up with this little numberVichyssoise Recipe: Cold Leek & Potato Soup. #JC100 means 100 delicious bites, right mangotomato?

Finally, we have to finish with duncan1205 gushed all sorts of Julia love. "I love Julia's recipe for casserole-roasted pork chops, finished with a mustard, cream and tomato sauce. In warm weather, I use fresh herbs (basil or lemon thyme) and in colder weather, I use dried thyme with fresh Italian parsley for both. This is a very easy dish and once chops are browned and in the oven, effortless until it's time to make the cream-mustard sauce. Because I love garlic with pork, I always throw in a couple of large, unpeeled cloves; can later squeeze out the soft garlic paste to be used however...." We appreciate the smart garlic tip!

A big thank you to everyone for their tall fantastically goofy Julia love submitted for this week's Weekend Cook and Tell challenge. Be sure to head over to Talk and read about next week's challenge: Cooking on Vacation.

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