Roasted mushroom, white bean, pecan burgers [Photograph: claireOOTO]

Our last challenge for Weekend Cook and Tell was for all of you to share dishes with us that you share with others while on vacation. We called this Cooking on Vacation. We all have our own cooking and/or dining styles while on vacation, but we all have in common the fond memories that good eats provide. Here are our favorite memories, with a few dishes thrown in, for good measure.

Sometimes it takes us a few years to realize some of the amazing things our parents did for us (or others). missmochi started us off - and set the tone - by sharing a memory of what she and her mother used to do at her many horse competitions while growing up. Purchasing food at or nearby the competitions was not an easy or desired task, so they pushed up their sleeves and brought their own eats. Coolers filled with hot potatoes and chili to feed 20+. "The best would be the parents who would drop their child off at the competition in the morning with a 20 dollar bill, not bothering to find out if the venue had any food to be bought. Even if we didn't know the child, we would set them up with a steaming bowl of chili and a baked potato.

As a child through teenager, I thought my mother was absolutely bonkers, and I hated lugging around the extra supplies. I wanted fast food and to hell with the kid with the dumb parents. After all, 6 saddles were heavy enough, let alone coolers of food to be GIVEN away. But looking back, I'd take the extra work over the lousy $20 any day." Well said, missmochi.

claireOOTO knows what travels well and then sources locally for the rest. Add a grill, and you get White Bean, Pecan, and Roasted Mushroom Burgers. Looks and sounds delicious!

blizcheetah advises you to bring water and fruit for road trips. It's true that many times we rely too much on other snacks that might not make your body feel quite as peppy. Great advice, blitzcheetah!

It's all about the outdoors for joyyy. "I have wonderful memories of cooking fresh-caught fish in butter with just some salt and pepper in cast iron over a camp fire, or my mom's bbq pork chops in the dutch oven over a fire." Now joyyy likes to add tamales to her camping mix. Oh, and potato chips to her sandwiches - but only while on vacation.

We had a commonality of mostly eating out with lemonfair, KarmaFreeCooking, and dashofginger. A dash of International flavor was added with lemonfair's local shopping and dining experience with Ireland's Frank Hederman and KarmaFreeCooking's picnic on the Champs de Mars, in Paris. dashofginger left on a sweet note, "Vacation also requires daily ice cream."

And we can't forget Steamed Maine Lobster, courtesy of Not Quite Gourmet. "Straight from the Maine seacoast to our outside patio in New Hampshire! Champagne served on the side!"

Finally, yayfood, brings the beach and friendship to the party. "Summer vacation for me is always all about beach, barbecue and fried clams. I love going to clam shacks, but where we live year round we also have access to freshly shucked whole belly clams straight from the flats. So, this is my recipe for Fried Clams.

I've made them on vacation in place of going out, probably because I just love to cook and I'd sometimes rather hang out with friends in the kitchen."

A big thank you to everyone for sharing their fond vacation food memories for this week's Weekend Cook and Tell challenge. Be sure to head over to Talk and read about next week's challenge: Aw, Shucks.

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