Look Who's Talkin': Comments, Quips, and Tips We Have Known and Loved

There's so much going on in Talk and the comments week to week that we almost can't keep up. If you're in the same boat, here's a small selection of topics and responses that have piqued our interest this week.

Talk: Brilliant ideas that became big ol' failures

Look Who's Talkin'

"I had the bright idea of smoking gouda in my stove-top-smoker.

You know, gouda usually comes wrapped in a nice thick layer of wax......red wax." CandiRisk

"I decided to make turkey stock for the first time last fall. Put the turkey in a pot with tons of water, set to boil... and promptly forgot about it. About an hour later, my husband asks if I'm cooking something... OH *#&%... run to the kitchen and all the liquid has boiled off and it's smoking like crazy. I threw the whole pot out the back door, where it promptly burned a large hole in our lawn that is still there now. Whoops." bobthebunny25


[Remember this post? Photograph: Supersizedmeals.com]

San Francisco: A Serious, Not F*$#ing Around Bacon Burger at The Broken Record

"You had me at "whiskey on tap", and I started shopping for plane tickets at "bacon is ground in with the beef.""Zach A.

The Serious Eats Guide to Orange Liqueur

"Nice write-up. Anyone ever had Mathilde? I remember liking it in a cocktail, but I was too many cocktails in at the time to trust either my judgment or memory..."Grease

Talk: cooking disasters

"First ever cake, a butter cake. It looked PERFECT. Skewer came out clean. Rose heaps and felt spongey. Left it to cool then tipped out onto a cooling rack. The crust of the cake broke and I was totally covered in batter, my jumper, pants and fluffy slippers :( 80% of it was still uncooked batter! Spent the night mopping the kitchen floor. Verdict: My skewer is a jerk."nillawan

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

"'Says a lot about Malcolm that he's the most delicious little thing in the Serious Eats office!

Also: How in the world does Chichi stay so thin?! She cooks/eats so much awesome stuff, the least she can do is get fat.."midgebrooklyn

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