In this great country of ours, one could eat a different sandwich every day of the year—so that's what we'll do. Here's A Sandwich a Day, our daily look at sandwiches around the country. Got a sandwich we should check out? Let us know. —The Mgmt.

The Heathman Restaurant on SW Broadway in Portland, Oregon, has an inviting, upscale aura, right down to the marble tables and cushioned seats in the bar. While some of their customers might also be staying at the adjacent Heathman Hotel, anyone can stop in for a bite, especially recommended during Happy Hour, which runs daily from 2 p.m. until closing (usually 10 or 11 p.m.). It's also the only time when you can get the Croque Monsieur.

Heathman's chef Michael Stanton makes this open-faced creation, beginning with a lightly toasted hoagie roll layered with creamy Mornay sauce. Stanton then adds a generous portion of deli-style sliced ham and tops it off with a layer of Swiss cheese. The sandwich toasts under the broiler, allowing the cheese to melt into a caressing quilt.

The Swiss at the sandwich's edge transforms into a crunchy crust, a nice contrast to the velvety scene on top. Meanwhile, the silky Mornay doesn't upstage the other components. The peppery bite from the greens, served on the side with a simple vinaigrette, proves a welcoming contrast with the sandwich's mellow flavors. At $5, the Croque Monsieur at the Heathman Restaurant is a satisfying, filling value.

Heathman Restaurant & Bar
1001 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205

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