[Photograph: Donna Currie]

Chocolate Rice Kripsie Treats: We still adore the classic version of Rice Krispie treats, but these hit the spot for that deep dark chocolate craving.

Almond Cherry Croquants: Easier to make than they are to spell: egg whites, a bit of flour, and honey bind together whole almonds. The mixture is baked until it puffs into a chewy, nutty, candy-cookie hybrid.

Vigorón or Chicharrón con Yucca (Yucca and Pork Rinds): A traditional street snack from Nicaragua, a mashup of soft yuca, crunchy cabbage, and crisp, porky chicharrón.

Breakfast Torta (Mexican Breakfast Sandwich with Eggs, Crispy Pork, and Beans): A Mexican sandwich stuffed with refried beans, avocados, cotija cheese, chopped white onions, Cholula-spiked mayonnaise, cilantro, chicharrones, and fried eggs.

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce: An upgrade from the familiar sriracha.

Capsicum Besan Sabji (Bell Pepper and Chickpea Flour Stir-Fry): A unique combination of chickpea flour and bell peppers, resulting in a wonderful textural contrast of soft and mildly crisp.


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