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[Photographs: Aaron Wakamatsu ]

While there are over 700 food carts in Portland, Oregon (700!), the overwhelming majority are only open for lunch and dinner. That's especially the case in downtown, when food cart owners see hundreds of lunchers during the afternoon rush.

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But hey, we love breakfast and there are plenty of food carts opening at 9 a.m. and earlier once you start looking. Here are a dozen ways to get your breakfast fix (and stay full until lunchtime) at a dozen different food carts, with breakfast burritos, waffle and sausage sandwiches, and more.

Portland: 12 Breakfasts We Love from Food Carts

Flavour Spot
The Gaufre Gourmet
GF Chef
La Jarochita
Pepper Box
Fried Egg I'm in Love
The Big Egg
Breakfast Lunch Today
Brunch Box
Tito's Burritos

About the author: Aaron Wakamatsu is a food blogger who loves to eat very spicy food. He also loves delicious, normal meals, but still prefers to entertain friends by consuming random fiery combinations. Please follow him on Twitter @aaronwakamatsu.


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