Slideshow SLIDESHOW: Put An Avocado On It: 14 Avocado-Topped Sandwiches We Love in America

Just about anytime there's an "add avocado" option, we take it. Not many things are as equal parts buttery and refreshing. We sure appreciate a ripe, spreadable avocado, so when it comes to sandwiches, put an avocado on it.

Here are 14 avocado-featuring sandwiches that we love from around the country. Many of them, not surprisingly, are from California. Click through the slideshow above to see them all, or jump to a specific sandwich below:

California Grilled Cheese at Good Earth Cuisine in San Francisco »
Andy's Ahi Spread Sandwich in Honolulu »
BLTA at Sprout Cafe in Palo Alto, CA »
Chicken Chacarero from Chacarero in Boston »
Chicken Salad at Mustard Seed Cafe in Los Angeles »
Steak Florentine at The Grove, San Francisco »
Roast Turkey from Lovejoy Bakery in Portland, OR »
California Pollo Panini at Cafe Borrone in Menlo Park »
Beecher's Cheddar from St. James Cheese Company in New Orleans »
El Caney at Old Havana Sandwich Shop in Durham, NC »
The Goat Cheese and Bacon from Uncle Uber's Sammich Shop in Dallas »
Naughty Nannie at The Sandwich Spot in San Francisco »
Turkey and Avocado Croissant at Zanzibar Café in San Diego, CA »
The Sweet Potato at Simplethings, Los Angeles »


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