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Bake the Book: Lemon Mint Sherbet: This sherbet is bright, fresh, and even a little sparkly, and the best part is there's no need to dust off the ice cream maker.

Robb Walsh's Fresh Field Peas: Robb Walsh, author of Texas Eats, keeps his Fresh Field Peas simple with a soul food-inspired recipe that begins (as many good things do) with bacon.

Sauced: Spicy Brown Mustard: It starts with a very deep and tart mustard flavor that has an added depth from the spices. It's a perfect complement to pastrami stacked a mile high between a couple pieces of rye.

Robb Walsh's Shrimp and Grits: You can't really go wrong with sweet shrimp served over smooth grits, but Walsh steps up the recipe by sautéeing the shrimp in bacon fat along with mushrooms, scallions, and garlic, creating a pan sauce that's pretty over the top.

Wake and Bake: Lemon Olive Oil Muffins: They taste of olive oil (so use a fruity one) and a bit of perky lemon. These subtle muffins are a perfect vehicle for marmalade or jam.

Bake the Book: Salted Caramel Banana Bread Puddings: A two day old half baguette and a spotty banana or two are exactly what make this recipe for Salted Caramel Banana Bread Puddings the ideal last minute dessert.

Gluten-Free Tuesday: How to Make Jalapeño Poppers: The outside is spicy, the inside is creamy. Also, it's fried. Impress everyone by bringing these to a BBQ.

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