This Week in Eating Out


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

Taboonette in Union Square: Awesome Sandwiches and More: Taboonette is priced like any old stuff-in-a-pita lunch counter. But across the board, their sandwiches and plates are imaginative, boldly spiced, and pretty damn delicious.

Gino's Of Great Neck: Drunk on alla Vodka: An excellent vodka slice from a Great Neck staple.

Knockout Noodles: Cha Soba at Ai Japanese Restaurant & Lounge: The cha soba at Ai Japanese Restaurant & Lounge makes a strong case for small flavors. Not small in the sense of bland, but quiet--like secrets told through whispers.

Dubai: The Camel Burger (Yes, Burger Made of Camel) from Local House Doesn't Ride Up to the Hype: The rage that is camel burgers hit Dubai two years ago when Arabic restaurant Local House slid a camel patty into the hollow pocket of a khameer, traditional, pita-shaped leavened bread studded with sesame seeds. Twenty eight months after launch, we decided to make a camel patty pilgrimage to Local House in the old Bastakiya district.

Chain Reaction: Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites Pizza: This limited-time-if-we're-lucky abomination is of the modern trick-pie kind, in which unlikely things are stuffed into, welded onto, or stacked atop a normal, unsuspecting pizza.

A Sandwich A Day: The Sweet Potato at Simplethings, Los Angeles: The main components are soft, dominated by the thick slab of warm grilled sweet potato, with "jammy" onions, creamy chevre spread and sliced avocado.

First Look: Brioche Con Gelato at Pitango Gelato, Washington, D.C: In Italy, a scoop of gelato is traditionally served in a hamburger bun-shaped brioche roll. Pitango's version is served on an oblong brioche roll, more like a hotdog bun, and can be paired with any of their 20+ flavors of gelato and sorbet.

Standing Room Only: Scooter's Frozen Custard: The custard is so thick that a shovel could stand straight up in it. But it's also smooth and creamy on the tongue, and it's as close to frozen custard perfection as you can probably get south of Milwaukee.