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A Sandwich a Day: Short Rib at Marché in Lewiston, ME


[Photograph: Will Gibney]

Nothing tastes more comforting than meat that has been braised low and slow for hours until melt-in-your-mouth tender. The hearty short rib sandwich ($8) at Marché in Lewiston, Maine, features beef short ribs braised in red wine for 24 hours, resulting in a deep, yet sharp flavor. Thin slices of melting Brie packed into the bottom of the crusty foot-long roll mellow out the beef. Rosemary aioli gives a nice herby kick—although the sandwich could have benefited from even more—while the arugula brings a fresh, biting counterpoint to the overall richness of the sandwich.


40 Lisbon St, Lewiston ME 04240 
207-333-3836; marchemaine.com

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