Green Curry Coconut Pork. [Photograph: The Kitchn]

For last week's Weekend Cook and Tell we asked all of you to break out your can openers for a challenge we dubbed Considering Coconut Milk. We wanted to see your creamiest curries, dairy-free ice creams, chewy macaroons, and every other coconutty creation you can conjure up. Coconut milk proved to be quite the popular Cook and Tell topic—here's a look at the top contributions.

misplacedtexan go-to coconut milk dish is Green Curry Coconut Pork via The Kitchn. Made in the slow cooker, it's ideal for potlucks. Just don't expect to go home with any leftovers.

Thanks to a dairy intolerant husband ophelea uses coconut milk in pretty much everything including this Chocolate Coffee Frosting for her son's birthday cake.

theindolentcook shared two coconut recipes, sweet sounding Coconut Cocoa Pancakes and a savory Coconut-Peanut Dressing perfect for blanched vegetables, salads, or as a dipping sauce for meats.


Coconut-Peanut Dressing. [Photograph: theindolentcook]

May_be keeps cans of Chaokoh on hand for pantry cooking projects like this Ottolenghi inspired Lentil Soup.

The Primlani Kitchen gave us a quick lesson on the history of coconut milk in South Indian Cooking where it's quite the staple in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Goa with it's Portuguese heritage. A favorite coconut recipe is Goat Stew, a festive dish eaten occasions like Christmas and Easter.

claireOOTO's gave us a list of top three coconut recipes: Mulligatawny Soup with Carrots and Apples, Coconut Lime Vegetable soup, and last but certainly not least Coconut Cardamom Blondies with White Chocolate. We'll be trying those blondies out real soon

A big thank you to everyone who cracked open a coconut for this week's Weekend Cook and Tell challenge. Be sure to head over to Talk and read about next week's challenge: Spring Holiday Spectaular.


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