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Seeking More Writers, Photographers in a City Near You


Photo, eat, write. Repeat! Robyn and Ed know how it's done. [Photo: Kathy YL Chan]

The Serious Eats sites are seeking more contributors in many cities, particularly:
Austin, TX; Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Houston, TX; London; Las Vegas, NV; Los Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; New Orleans, LA; Paris; Portland, ME; Portland, OR; Raleigh/Durham, NC; Seattle, WA; Washington, D.C.

We want people who can write about (with strong preference to those who already have experience covering) one or more of the following: pizza, food events, restaurant and bar openings, cocktails, or craft beer, with the ability to turn around copy and photos quickly.

By Topic, We Need...

Pizza: New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut (and ability to travel around those regions); Los Angeles

Sweets: Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, OR., Atlanta, Austin, Miami, Philadelphia, D.C.

Cocktails, Restaurants, and More: Any major metropolitan area listed above.

Beer: Can be based anywhere.

What We're Looking For...

Please send your qualifications and two writing samples and photos to pitches@seriouseats.com. If you're looking to write about cocktails, beer, pizza, or restaurants in a more general sense, the clips and information you send should reflect that.

Note that due to volume, we cannot reply to each pitch individually. Qualified applicants will be contacted via email to further the process.

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